Luxury shouldn’t have to come with a luxurious price tag. The way you’ll feel wearing our luxurious, high-quality virgin human hair is an experience that can’t be described in words. Beautiful. Sexy. Confident. Luscious. OK, so there are a few words that work. The point is we want you to look and feel like a Queen. Because you can’t be on point unless your hair is. Over time as word of Zarake Hair spread, a cult following grew by word-of-mouth. Is it because we offer various textures? Because it’s easier to style? Because we’ve got that cuticle alignment down? We like to think it’s because of all of the above.

Zarake Hair has become one of the fastest-growing and most popular brands in urban hair and beauty space. With a fearless, fun, and fabulous approach to life, Zarake Hair has amounted retail boutiques in South Africa and a good online following. 


Don’t worry it has nothing to do with cherries. Our virgin human hair has never been harshly processed and is chemical-free. We firmly believe hair should be durable and versatile. Like a brand new handbag. But much sexier.


We strive to create the perfect formula — immeasurable customer service, compelling shopping experience, and luxurious hair extensions. Minus the luxurious price tag.

We have the widest range of quality hair brands available online and can deliver anywhere in South Africa.

This means that you can buy any of our beauty items from the comfort of your house, and we’ll always deliver it to your doorstep in South Africa!